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Friday, January 18, 2013

I love geogcaching and orienteering. Many paratroopers rely on Navelite’s tactical compasses which are worn on the wrist near their altimeter.
I use my phone quite a bit for both and I HATE the organic compass that comes with my phone. There are some good apps out there, I was happy to see the new app from NavELite. It’s available on nearly every Android device that runs version 2.2 or newer. Inspired by the NavELite Wrist-Worn, Backlit Magnetic Compass, the NavELite Compass app provides basic compass functionality using the Android device’s magnetometer.

There are two lighting modes showing a daylight (white) face and needle of the compass and an “illuminated” (blue-green) face and needle that simulates the electroluminescent technology. This is one of the features I like over other apps that are too bright and can ruin natural night vision during use.


Inspired by the NavELite Wrist-Worn, Backlit Magnetic Compass (BLMC), the New Android App is Now Available for FREE Download from Google play

PALM HARBOR, FL (September 2012) – NavELite, a global provider of backlit magnetic compasses, has unveiled a new NavELite Compass Android application available to Android devices version 2.2 and up. Inspired by the NavELite Wrist-Worn, Backlit Magnetic Compass, the NavELite Compass app provides basic compass functionality using the Android device’s magnetometer.

There are two lighting modes showing a daylight (white) face and needle of the compass and an “illuminated” (blue-green) face and needle that simulates the electroluminescent technology. The magnetic heading is displayed and the compass dial can be rotated to orient the Android device to the direction of travel. The NavELite Compass app is available for download for FREE through Google play.

Backlit magnetic compass by NavELite

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Excerpt below taken from

The NavELite wrist-worn Backlit Magnetic Compass was Invented and patented by two Special Operations soldiers. Operations underscored the need for a reliable backlit compass for use when executing critical missions.

The NavELite wrist-worn Backlit Magnetic Compass is a misslon enhancing piece of kit for the ground soldier; reducing nighttime operation signatures and adding to force protection. Military soldiers recognize the need to be outfitted with a magnetic compass. In tropical vegetation a soldier can quickly lose sight of their element, becoming separated and disoriented. This is dangerous In both a combat and training environment, especially during hours of darkness. It is essential for every soldier to carry the basic magnetic compass, guaranteeing their ability to maintain a sense of direction and geographic orientation, creating a much higher chance for survival In an emergency situation.


NavELite Updates and App

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Excerpt below taken from

I am pretty excited about the upcoming NavELite. It will really fill a void in the market for quality wrist compasses.
If you want a preview of how the NavELite will look and work, you can check out their new iPhone/iPad App. The app replicates the look the face and needle on the NavELite. It also has a backlight function and you can rotate the “bezel” to set an azimuth. The NavE-Compass app is free and well worth a look if you own an Apple device.

NavELite Backlit Magnetic Wrist Compass

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Excerpt below from Soldier Systems website… Click to Read Full Article Industry Outlook
Admiral Olsen who retired in late 2011 as the Commander of the United States Special Operations Command recently stated at an NDIA sponsored breakfast, “Cyber security is our most prominent future threat.” He went on to say that we must continue advancing technological capabilities within the force but should always be prepared for technology dependent items to fail such as satellite oriented Global Positioning System (GPS) devices. He was also quoted as saying, “I am proud to say that our SOF soldiers training at Ft. Bragg are still required to use a map and a compass before they even begin further training.”Admiral Olsen’s (Ret) comments echo the concerns of Special Operations and conventional forces around the world. The United States and its allies must always be prepared to navigate in all types of environments even when GPS or other high tech devices fail. The NavELite backlit magnetic wrist compass is a low cost, lightweight and versatile low-tech solution for this requirement.SOF Critical Requirement
SOF soldiers have historically needed to provide light to enhance the readability of a magnetic compass in low light conditions. This is becoming increasingly important in modern times because night operations provide tactical advantages for a technically superior military. An analog (magnetic) compass is often required in dense forests, deserts, jungles, caves, or other such austere environments where ambient light, particularly at night, is not sufficient to see a compass needle. 

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