Backlit magnetic compass by NavELite

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The NavELite wrist-worn Backlit Magnetic Compass was Invented and patented by two Special Operations soldiers. Operations underscored the need for a reliable backlit compass for use when executing critical missions.

The NavELite wrist-worn Backlit Magnetic Compass is a misslon enhancing piece of kit for the ground soldier; reducing nighttime operation signatures and adding to force protection. Military soldiers recognize the need to be outfitted with a magnetic compass. In tropical vegetation a soldier can quickly lose sight of their element, becoming separated and disoriented. This is dangerous In both a combat and training environment, especially during hours of darkness. It is essential for every soldier to carry the basic magnetic compass, guaranteeing their ability to maintain a sense of direction and geographic orientation, creating a much higher chance for survival In an emergency situation.

The NavELite compass is beneficial for trail hiking, backpacking, hunting, and outdoor adventurists that understand the importance of survival gear on technical and wooded trails.
on technical and wooded trails. The NavELite wrilstworn Backlit Magnetic Compass is an essential piece of navigation gear that will prove useful In any outdoor orienteering activity. Whether a nighttime adventure or emergency situation, the NavELite compass offers you the peace of mind of having a reliable backlitcompass solution {or those times.

The MSRP is $80. For inquiries of bulk purchases or if you are interested In becoming a NavE Lite distributor, at the contact them at for ordering and technical information.